Services for Self-insureds

Self-insured entities account for a significant portion of our client base. We provide a wide variety of tasks for both private and public sector self-insureds, including:

Loss Reserve Studies

  • Projection of liabilities, including insurance benefits and related expenses, such as allocated loss adjustment expense (ALAE), unallocated loss adjustment expense (ULAE) and assessments; also called undiscounted liabilities
  • Reflection of time value of money; also call discounted liabilities
  • Compliance with Governmental Accounting Standards Board statement numbers 10 & 30 (GASB 10 & GASB 30) for public sector self-insureds
  • Analysis of reserve adequacy (comparison of needed reserves to held reserves)
Determination of Funding Level
  • Projection of future cost of insurance benefits
  • Projection of associated expenses, including ALAE, claims administration fees, taxes, assessments and reinsurance premiums
  • Reflection of time value of money
Allocation of Funding Level
  • For group self-insureds, determination of each member's contribution using exposure (e.g., payroll) and individual experience
Other Services
  • Review of reinsurance needs and the cost of reinsurance
  • Estimation of cost impact of individual members joining or leaving a group self-insured
  • Self-insurance feasibility studies
  • Captive feasibility studies
  • Expert testimony