Litigation Support

Actuarial Solutions has considerable experience assisting attorneys in litigation related to insurance issues. We offer a full range of consulting and litigation support services including:

  • Expert testimony
  • Written reports, including reports submitted as evidence
  • Analysis of reserves, rating programs and other pertinent documents
  • Estimation of damages
Sample Engagements
  • A large insurance company was named as a defendant in a California class action alleging that employers' workers compensation premiums had been unfairly inflated through experience rating due to insurers having miscoded certain expenses. Actuarial Solutions analyzed the reports of actuaries retained by both plaintiffs' and another defendant's counsel.

  • An insurance company in receivership took one of its insureds to court for non-payment. Actuarial Solutions' expert testimony contributed to the receiver being awarded the payment it sought, full attorneys' fees and interest in the judgment rendered by the judge.

  • An insurance company sued the consulting actuary that had set its loss reserves as well as the accounting firm responsible for its financial statements. Actuarial Solutions provided assistance to the plaintiff and a settlement was reached.

  • Actuarial Solutions served as an independent actuarial fact-finder for a mediated settlement between an insurance company and its insured for workers compensation and general liability coverage.

  • Independent counsel representing both the plaintiffs and defendant companies retained Actuarial Solutions on numerous occasions to review hundreds of accounts to aid in a settlement pursuant to the Weatherford class action. The class action alleged that improprieties occurred in the determination of premium for certain Texas retrospectively rated policies.

  • A self-insurance group engaged Actuarial Solutions to review the reserve levels and underlying methodology recommended by the group's consulting actuary. Subsequent work included conducting an independent evaluation; assisting in the settlement of a lawsuit the client brought against its reinsurer; and aiding in the sale of the client's portfolio of liabilities.

  • A self-insurance group was sued by its third party administrator (TPA) for unfair termination; the self-insured countersued for breach of contract, alleging that the TPA did not fulfill its contractual obligations. Actuarial Solutions was hired by the self-insurance group to determine if good cause existed for termination and to quantify damages related to the breach of contract.