Services for Insurance and Reinsurance Companies

Actuarial Solutions has existing relationships with a number of insurance and reinsurance companies. Some of the work we do involves:

Loss Reserve Studies

  • Independent projection of liabilities, including benefits and related expenses
  • Review of discounting
  • Review of impact of reinsurance arrangements (both specific excess and aggregate coverages)
  • Review of cost of reinsurance
  • Review of a reinsurer's liabilities (including quota share and excess of loss)
  • Certifications or Statement of Actuarial Opinion
  • Evaluation of company loss and expense experience
  • Review of industry data
  • Projection of needed rate level
  • Reflection of time value of money
  • Class ratemaking
Rate Filings
  • Evaluation of company experience for possible deviation from level of advisory loss costs
  • Evaluation of company's countrywide operating expenses
  • Determination of state specific taxes and assessments
  • Determination of RML's, if necessary
  • Preparation of Rate and Rule Pages
  • Preparation of filing forms and letter
Development of Dividend Plan

Excess Pricing

Development or review of individual risk rating plans such as:

  • Retrospective rating plans
  • Small and large deductible plans
  • Schedule rating plans
  • Merit rating plans
  • Experience rating plans
Expert Testimony

Other Services

  • Evaluation of impact of workers compensation statutory benefit changes
  • Calculation of reserves for workers compensation pension claims