Our Clients

Actuarial Solutions has maintained long-term relationships with the overwhelming majority of its clients. Many organizations have been Actuarial Solutions' clients since its founding in 1990. In fact, it is unusual for a client to leave Actuarial Solutions. In the 16 years Actuarial Solutions has been in business, the average duration of our existing client relationships has continued to grow. We have approximately ten clients for whom we have been providing consulting services for more than ten years, and another ten or so with whom we have had relationships for more than five years.

Industries Served by Actuarial Solutions:

  • Public Sector
    • Schools
    • Municipalities
  • Private Sector
    • Restaurant
    • Construction
    • Retail
  • Insurance
    • Primary Carriers
    • Reinsurers
    • Insurance Regulators
    • Captive Insurers
Actuarial Solutions has grown from a firm of two in 1990 to a firm of 14 in 2006. This growth is a reflection of our continually expanding client base. We are adding new clients all the time, primarily through the referrals of existing clients. Existing client referrals are a steady source of new clients.